7 jewelry trends

Jewelry fashion is not inferior in terms of changing trends to any other. Each season prepares something interesting for us so that every fashionista can prepare in advance. It is customary to highlight general trends for the year as a whole and separately for the seasons “spring-summer”, “autumn-winter”. At the beginning of the year, they traditionally talk only about general trends, so we will devote today’s article to them. What will be fashionable in 2022? In many ways, the trends migrated from last year, but with some nuances.


As far back as last year, Valentino and Hermes, major design houses, actively used chains not only as jewelry, but also as an addition to clothing. For many girls, wearing a gold or silver chain on a belt is too expensive and too pretentious. A more concise solution would be to add massive chains to your everyday outfit. Massive chains look great with shirts, turtlenecks, t-shirts.

But when choosing jewelry, we recommend that you pay special attention to the length of the accessory. If classic accessories look beautiful both short and long, then massive products are better to choose shorter. They will add an interesting accent to the collarbones and relaxation to any look. Even in a strict dress code, such a solution can be entered if combined with classic straight-cut shirts. Large links look good both as an independent accessory and in a set. The last way to wear is best left for an evening look.


Last season, we actively discussed mono-earrings. It was the main trend of the summer and it also stayed with us for a warm autumn. But the trends in jewelry in 2022 have changed the vector a bit. Recall: last year, the mono-earring was supposed to be massive and somewhat extravagant. When stylists were preparing a list of fashion jewelry in 2022, they could not forget about earrings.
But the approach has changed somewhat. Now bright, massive, large earrings are in fashion. Not one, but a couple. It can be a very large decoration in itself or have a voluminous, attention-grabbing decor. Accessories with a motif (animal, vegetable, abstraction) will look interesting. Does it have to be a motive? No. Chandeliers and tassel earrings will also be in fashion, but it is important that there is volume and massiveness. What to do if your dress code does not allow such luxury? Choose earrings with one large stone. It will be within the framework of etiquette and trends.


Foreign stylists called the next trend “candy mood”. As far as you remember, the fashion of the 2000s is actively reviving, which had a feature – bright shades. But the candy mood is not limited to brightness. If you are interested in fashion jewelry 2022, we offer you to look at bracelets and beads in bright colors. For girls who stick to a more concise bow, we advise you to choose natural stones of different shades.
For example, it could be:

  • agate;
  • quartz;
  • topaz;
  • amethyst;
  • cornelian;
  • beryl;
  • citrine.

Classic gemstones (sapphire, emerald, ruby) do not lose their relevance, but they are advised to be worn this year for evening events. For a casual look, choose warm and bright shades.

If you don’t like natural stones or don’t fit in style, we suggest paying attention to colored enamel. For example, it can be an interesting ring or cameo brooch.


Last year we actively talked about logomania. She literally captured all areas of fashion. Accessories, clothes, shoes – logos were everywhere. Jewelry trends 2022 have changed direction a bit. Now stylists offer not only a trend for the logo, but also collaborations. This is a great opportunity for self-expression, because you can not only stay in trend, but also wear jewelry that your favorite was involved in creating.
World design houses have already prepared a variety of assortment, and Ukrainian jewelers are just starting to support the wave of popularity of this trend. Meanwhile, already now you can find interesting results of the collaboration between the jewelry factory and celebrities.


And again chains, but not massive. This 2022 jewelry trend is a kind of symbiosis of two trends. First, the chains that stylists have been actively looking at for the last two years. Secondly, the fashion of the 2000s, when we were offered to wear several neck accessories.
Jewelers very quickly picked up the interest of the fashionist and are ready to please them with multi-layered necklaces or chains. What is the difference from the regular version? Several separate neck accessories are not always comfortable to wear. It is also sometimes difficult to combine jewelry of different styles. Multi-layer chains with pendants solve this problem. The trendy decoration will not be confused, fits almost any bow and looks elegant.


Another tribute to the zero fashion. 22 years have passed, but the popularity of the charm has not gone away. Charm – special pendants for bracelets. It is a decoration that gives freedom for self-expression. You can create whole kits according to your interests or hobbies. But jewelry trends 2022 suggest reconsidering the function of the charm

If earlier we were offered to wear it only as a pendant for a bracelet, now stylists are expanding its possibilities. Models appeared on the catwalks with headdresses on which charms were attached. The idea of ​​a chain with a small number of charms is also popular.


This is one of the most controversial jewelry trends in 2022. On the one hand, we are already accustomed to pearls and perceive them as a classic gem. A pearl necklace is often worn under a dress or other classic outfit. On the other hand, pearls have been in jewelry trends for the third year now and 2022 is no exception. If you are interested in jewelry trends, then baroque pearls will also be in the top.

However, jewelry trends do not always take into account our lifestyle. It is better to leave a necklace with pearls for official events or evening events, and look at monofilament for every day.