Fortune or Trouble, or What Happens If You Lose Your Wedding Ring?

The wedding ring is a symbol of love and family relationships. It marks the most important stage in a person’s life and tightly connects his life with the life of the second half. Many traditions and superstitions associated with this decoration come from ancient times. Summarizing the experience of many generations, they will tell you what will happen if you drop the ring or give it to another person, replace it with a new one, or even lose it?

As a ritual decoration, wedding rings have always evoked a special relationship. Many signs and magical meanings are associated with these ancient symbols of matrimony in different cultures.
Important! Already in the very form of the product, the concept of eternity and infinity, life and death is reflected. Rings connect two people, and this connection does not disappear even after physical death.
Even our ancestors noted that the rings carry the energy of the owner, influence his fate. In order for the engagement ring to become a talisman, a talisman of family ties, certain conditions must be met:

  • So that the life of a married couple is even and smooth, and the family boat does not crash on pitfalls, the rings should be as smooth as possible, without precious stones and various engravings;
  • In order to live a long life together, the purchased rings are kept together before the wedding ceremony. Sometimes, to strengthen the marriage, they are even tied together or frozen in a bag of water;
  • Future newlyweds try to buy rings at the same time, preferably in one place;
  • Engagement jewelry is inherited only from relatives who celebrated a silver (25 years) or gold (50 years) wedding. And in no case should you get married with widow’s rings;
  • Wedding rings should not be allowed to be tried on or worn by other people;
  • A wedding product not in size promises an unsuccessful marriage;


The loss of a wedding ring is also associated with future misfortunes.

Many magical rituals and divination involve the use of a wedding ring. For example, to attract wealth, family happiness and good luck, you need to wash your face with rainwater without removing the golden symbol of matrimony.
bad omens
In the life of many couples, there is such a misunderstanding as the loss of a wedding ring. Should I be afraid of this or consider it a small nuisance? What exactly threatens the loss of a family amulet?
As a rule, the loss of a wedding ring is treated differently than the loss of any other piece of jewelry. Especially if the marriage is happy. The loss of a ring prophesies various difficulties and negative aspects in family life:

  • One of the spouses may soon become a widow. It depends on whether the wife or husband has lost the family talisman;
  • The family loses the protection of higher powers, so discord occurs in it, quarrels become more frequent and misunderstanding grows. Harmony will disappear from family relationships;
  • The loss of the ring indicates that one of the spouses is cheating on the other (not the one who lost);
  • The family may break up, including because of relationships on the side;
    There will be serious discord in the family;

A series of troubles awaits: health problems, with money, material and spiritual losses.

All these troubles threaten the integrity of the family, the symbol of the strength of which is the ring.

What good will it lead to?

  • It would seem that the loss of a wedding ring has only a negative meaning, but many see it as a good omen. Sometimes relationships become obsolete, and there is not enough external impetus to decide to break the relationship. The loss of a family amulet becomes an incentive;
  • There is an opinion that small losses protect against major troubles and irreparable losses. Having lost the ring, it may be possible to maintain a good relationship or protect yourself from a quarrel, save the life of your loved one. It is better to lose an accessory than a dear person;
  • Sometimes you don’t like an engagement ring, and losing it is an opportunity to buy new items, prettier or more modern;

Buying a new ring to replace a lost one is sometimes regarded as a sign of renewal of family relationships, a turning point in life.

The loss of such an important symbol of marriage for a woman signals that it is time to think about your own behavior, to start fighting your own inattention and absent-mindedness.
Advice! If you decide to replace your lost wedding rings, do not purchase the same ones. Perhaps fate is protecting you from something, and the “gone” thing has no place in your life. Why then buy exactly the same? What promises a woman? Whoever loses the family amulet, husband or wife, signs agree: this is a threat to family well-being or, conversely, an opportunity to avoid trouble.
But differences in interpretation lie in the details, and if a woman loses an engagement ring, folk beliefs predict the following:

  • health problems;
  • financial problems or major expenses;
  • betrayal by the husband (or he will be “taken away” from the family);
  • serious family quarrel; divorce; widowhood.

But if a woman lost her wedding ring in a dream, she can thank fate. Such a dream portends that in real life she will avoid major troubles that would deal a blow to family unity and well-being.

What does it mean for a man?

To believe in signs is in most cases the privilege of women. They, on the other hand, perceive the loss of the symbol of family life by their husband more emotionally. Worried, expressing claims, she risks ensuring that events begin to develop according to a negative scenario:

A man leaves the family of his own free will (without outside relationships);
The husband leaves the family for another woman;
A man becomes seriously ill, up to a tragic outcome;

A woman is dying.

The expectation of such consequences is in itself very difficult, and brings petty quarrels and troubles into family life.

What to do?

  • If the wedding ring is lost, do not panic and prepare for future misfortunes. Negativity attracts trouble. To avoid them, use the advice of psychologists:
    Rational thinking will come to your aid. Remember where you were, what you were doing before the jewelry went missing. Perhaps you took it off before taking a bath so as not to damage it with a scrub, or in order to smear your hands with cream, not scratch it when washing, etc.;
  • According to some beliefs, a family amulet can take a brownie. To return the loss, you need to appease the brownie: for this, milk, sweets or buns are suitable, which are placed on a silver platter in a dark corner for the night;
  • If the ring was not found, you need to inform your soulmate about the loss. The remaining ring is recommended to be presented to the temple as a donation;
    Even if one ring is lost, you need to buy a set: for both the husband and the wife. It is advisable to consecrate new rings or marry them if the sacrament has not been performed earlier. Often, the wedding becomes a new fresh round in an established relationship.

Do not give up! And there is always a way out!
How to avoid disagreements between husband and wife?
Psychologists note that problems are attracted to those who constantly think about them. If you believe in the negative consequences of signs, they will almost certainly come true. You will subconsciously set yourself up for certain events, and will not try to make an effort to avoid them.
Therefore, the first and main advice: do not think about the bad! Calm down and accept what happened as a normal loss. Set yourself up for positive events.