What wedding rings are trendy in 2022

And, of course, let’s start with stylish wedding rings, which are in trend in 2022. So, today the following options are in fashion:
• Rings made in the form of weaving. There are many kinds of them. The most popular compositions are the knitting of thin rings, chains and weaving, resembling a pigtail of ribbons. These rings are expensive, but they look very interesting and stylish.

Engagement rings with one design for two rings look very romantic. As if at first they made one very wide ring with a pattern, and then sawed it along – this symbolizes the unity of the spouses. A pair of rings with a pattern in the form of a heart, a fingerprint or a tree is very popular. Moreover, the image can be made to order, which will make your ring individual.
• Rings made of gold of several colors look very nice. As it turns out, there are nine shades of gold. Gamma changes from white to almost black. In 2022, jewelry made in at least three colors (for example, yellow, white and green) has gained the most popularity among brides and grooms.

The texture plays a very important role in wedding rings. condition of the ring surface. Polished gloss in 2022 is losing ground. And rings made with sand or texture matting are becoming popular. Such rings are very similar to antique jewelry and are very attractive to buyers.

The fashion trend of 2022 is wedding rings complete with an engagement ring. This idea has greatly simplified the lives of our men. Now you do not have to separately look for an engagement ring, and then select wedding jewelry for it. Everything can be purchased as a set.

Materials for wedding rings

As for popular materials, these include white gold and platinum. Silver wedding rings have taken second place so far. Despite the fact that platinum jewelry is more valued, young people still prefer classic white gold. And all because the choice of gold items is much wider and more interesting in terms of design.

What stones are in the trend of 2022 for wedding rings

As for stones, modern wedding rings have their own rating. Interesting?
1. Diamonds, beloved by all girls, are the most popular, no matter how trite it sounds.
2. In second place is the ruby. Such rings look very bright and romantic, however, men still try to avoid inserts from stones of such bright colors.
3. And finally, the emerald, which is very common in women’s engagement rings in 2022. The most fashionable are rings with large emerald inserts, and not with a scattering of stones.

Fashion for men’s rings: stylish options

Today, large men’s rings are considered fashionable. If you are going to buy something similar to your man on February 23, then pay attention to large rings and seals.

Of the materials, black or gray gold is relevant. Such a product will very well emphasize the high status of your man.

Of the stones, sapphire and ruby ​​are relevant. However, the inserts should be small, and they should fit into the design of the ring as organically as possible, because the brightness and excessive pomposity of men’s jewelry is not welcome today.

The best decoration for a man is one that emphasizes his status.

Diamonds in men’s jewelry this year have gone by the wayside, just like cubic zirconia inserts. Classic rings with a smooth glossy texture also went out of fashion. In 2022, men’s rings of unusual weaving, asymmetrical shape or with extraordinary engraving are relevant.

Rings made in vintage style require special attention. Such jewelry usually does not attract attention the first time, but if you take a closer look, it is difficult not to appreciate the originality and depth of design of such jewelry. For example, seals with images of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker or rings engraved with “George and the Serpent” gained great popularity.

Stylish diamond rings: always in fashion

Diamond rings are just as popular in 2022 as they were in the past. The attitude towards the execution of such decorations has changed slightly.
• Asymmetric products are in fashion today, when the stones are set not in the center of the ring, but with an offset to the edge. This design solution was proposed at the beginning of last year and has become even more popular today. Rings with an asymmetric scattering of stones, made along the contour of the product, look very interesting.

Remember what Coco Chanel said: jewelry is what makes a woman a woman.

• Rings with large inserts faded into the background a little. Customers are already oversaturated with such decorations.
• Extraordinary ideas in jewelry are more popular, for example, diamonds in a ring made of gold of several colors.
• Fashionable gold rings in 2022 are also decorated with combinations of diamonds and sapphires or diamonds and pearls. Of course, pearls have lost their former interest and are not particularly revered by modern girls, but ladies of an interesting age still pay attention to them. This is what some jewelery houses have staked on this year: they felt it was necessary to indulge our dear ladies with interesting ideas, and created a whole range of products with a combination of pearls and diamonds.